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A blend of passion, luxury, elegance, aesthetics


Antonio was a simple man who lived in a hut outside of Paris. All he knew was how to make watches, an art his father had shown him before he died. Antonio made the timepieces in his hut and went to the streets of Paris to sell them to make a living.

Although Antonio made the timepieces in simplicity, his designs had something special and unique about them that drew the eyes of passers-by. Antonio, from a young age, admired graphics and contemporary buildings from which he drew inspiration and on which he based the design of the watches he constructed. Antonio, through his creations, also wanted to emulate an aura of emotions that brought people closer.

One day as Antonio walked through the scenic streets of Paris and sold his timepieces, he saw an elegant gentleman approaching him. This was Boggati, a famous architect who was amazed by Antonio's masterpieces.

Boggati asked Antonio to create a special timepiece for him and his fiancée. He asked him to do something very special to impress her. Antonio accepted the challenge and dedicated himself for months to his hut, in order to make something different and unique to leave Boggati satisfied. Indeed, when Boggati received the watches made by Antonio, he was thrilled.

Boggati met his fiancée at a romantic appointment shortly before sunset at the Eiffel Tower. Boggati gave the gift to his fiancée. Boggati's fiancée looked at him excitedly and embraced him passionately.

She was delighted with the gift he had given her and asked him where he had bought it because she had never seen something so unique and beautiful. Boggati told her that he had gotten it from a street vendor. His fiancée asked to meet the man and to personally thank him for this unique feeling that he caused her to feel.

Boggati and his fiancée went to the street where he had met Antonio, but they didn't find him. They searched for him for a week but in vain; Antonio had vanished. They asked the people there if they had news from Antonio (the man with the timepieces - as they referred to him).

Someone responded and told them he hadn’t seen him for days, but he knew where he lived. The man led the couple to Antonio's hut, where they found the hut half-burned and Antonio lying on the floor. Unfortunately, Antonio had already passed away. In Antonio's arms, the couple found half-burned sketches of watches he had made. The couple was heartbroken and consumed with grief.

Antonio had passed away, but Boggati and his fiancée decided to keep him alive forever and give breath to his dream, with the launch of the ANTONIO BOGGATI watch brand, a brand that would always hold Antonio's reputation based on the art of watchmaking he used, in combination with Boggati's architectural skill.


It's not about the timepiece, but the experience that you are willing to have...

A way of exposing creation, vision, and passion through a work of incredible art of sophistication and luxury. Antonio Boggati, the authentic luxury experience in the horology industry.

Our unique designs express moments and experiences that we capture in our lives. The inspiration for our timepieces is contemporary art, modern architecture, and the automobile industry.

Every test in terms of the quality and elegance of each model is done with the highest specifications and requirements so that those belong in this family of Antonio Boggati are completely satisfied.

Antonio Boggati is not selling just timepieces, but an experience that blends passion, luxury, and legacy.


Antonio Boggati is here to last and create a legacy. We are investing in our brand name and the experience that we offer to our people. To do this, our fundamentals are to keep the high quality of our watches.

We care and respect the people who trust us.

Antonio Boggati has created an identity with its unique design. That's what separates it compare to other luxury brands. We will keep this identity.



The watches have been constructed by experienced, professional engineers and architects, in collaboration with the best factories of watchmaking. The premium materials that compose each watch are highly qualified with the most demanding standards.


A premium watch should be expensive isn't? Antonio Boggati will change your mindset about that and believe it or not we are offering the best prices according to the quality that we provide.


We are confident about our watches so you should. We offer you two years of international warranty by guaranteed the quality we promise.

Our professional staff works tirelessly to satisfy even the most demanding customer. We desire to leave you all satisfied and of course to see your smile painted on your face.

Couple La Paris Series



One completes the other, just like a couple

Design to express the connection of a couple in a set of luxury watches. The female model moving counterclockwise in order to mirror the movement of the male one. Two asymmetric designs when combines together they create a symmetrical unit. The asymmetrical design is inspired by spiral stairs. The Eiffel tower, the symbol of love and romance is engraving on the backside of the timepiece.

The couple La Paris Series is matching perfectly for new couples who want to express their connection in a unique way.


Get part for a timeless voyage into luxury and elegance, a signature by Antonio Boggati...



For those who fell in love with our concept and design. Those who captured the essence of the Couple La Paris Series and are requesting a more luxurious timepiece. While Antonio Boggati is following the same concept of the design, (as it is the identity of the brand), this time, we get inspired by the Eclipse phenomenon and we create something extremely unique and luxurious.
In this case, the designer Antonio Boggati immortalizes a partial solar eclipse during which the moon covers a part of the sun in an annulus creating a luminous ring. How beautiful and unique, one of the most impressive phenomena of space to be depicted on a watch dial that inhales art and exhales luxury. "The Eclipse
Series" is a series that combines exaggeration, elegance, and luxury. It is a series based on the first series of the brand, "Couple La Paris Series", maintaining the asymmetrical and modern design that is the identity of the Antonio Boggati brand. The "The Eclipse
Series", is a limited edition, with a Swiss movement, sapphire crystal, genuine leather, and 316L quality steel. All the details inside the watch are embossed with special patterns to create the feeling of space. In order of making it much more stunning, the brand designer added a touch of a pair of two asymmetrical Swarovski elliptical curves to the watch case, creating a work of art.
The Eclipse Series has just become the statement of the brand.



The Monaco Chrono Series is here to release your attitude and boost your potential! You are a real gentleman, and you deserve it. By wearing your new sport luxury chronograph, you are attaching the only sign that your look is required.

The Monaco Chrono Series is designed for real gentlemen who are loving sports cars, adventure, and action.

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